Despite my efforts and my brilliant illustrator, Bob D'Amico, we failed in our attempt to get America to pay attention to the policies of this disastrous Administration. Now four years later, this President has accumulated more debt than all prior President's combined, signed a deal with a terrorist country that gives Iran a clear path to a nuclear weapon and jeopardizes Israel's existence, has unsettled the rest of the Middle East unlike anytime in our country's history, has failed to produce effective fiscal policy in this country leading to the worst recovery from a recession since WWII.....and the list goes on. Now in an attempt to prevent the corrupt and perverted power couple from once again gaining access to the White House, we've created strips to show just how corrupt the Clinton's are.
Uncle Jed and Granny Arrested
Country_In_Mourning-Obama's Re-Election
Jeopardy and Clinton
Benghazi MIA


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