As the Clinton's are the most powerful, perverted and corrupt political couple in the history of this country, those who are unaware and too young to know need to be educated. The Democratic Party has drifted so far to the left over the decades and are not even close to being the party of John F. Kennedy. It's do to a lack of education by the main stream media, the educators in the colleges around the country and preoccupation with social media that distracts our youth from paying attention to what our leaders are doing. Every President since Ronald Reagan have a shared culture of cronyism, corruption and failing to recognize the needs of the common person. Some, like the Obama Administration, have far exceeded everything that is wrong with government that this country is no longer in a position to absorb this type of socialism and our Constitution is that much closer to being obliterated.

There's something wrong with this country when individuals who are followers of Saul Alinsky Inspiration_for_Rules_for_Radicals (i.e. Community Organizers) are elected to serve as President of our Country. Crooked Hillary is not only seeking to destroy everything our Country stands for and make us part of the homogeneous society she and President Obama believe in (no borders, illegal immigration, free everything provided by the government to create a dependency culture that's difficult to break). To achieve their long term goals both will LIE, as it's not the means that matters, but the end.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was wholesome show in a gone by era. It was one of my all time favorites growing up in the 1950's and 1960's. Those innocent times are far behind us, but my memories linger on. The Adventures of Crooked Hillary are dedicated to that time way back when, except this series is dedicated to the Anti Ozzie and Harriet praying that the Crooked One is not elected President, and Bill, not serving in the White House as the First Predator.

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Election Day Nov 8 2016 - Taking Out the TRASH!
Children's Pledge of Allegiance - 10/22/16
Pledge of Allegiance 10/22/16

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