Crooked Hillary said "what difference does it make" at the Congressional meeting reviewing what had transpired in Bengazi. Four dead Americans and she blames a video as she lies to the families over the flagged draped coffins at the September 14th, 2012 ceremony.

But what is now critical in this election year is what will be the difference between Obama's "Reign of Terror" and Hillary's Administration? The answer is simple in that not only will businesses be burdened by more needless regulations and taxes will increase to support the path to individual dependence on government handouts, but the Clinton Criminal Enterprise will fully engulf the federal government. The Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative are a tangle web with billions in funding that pays the Clinton's and those who participate in the web of deceit. Even Chelsea Clinton was alarmed by the potential of corruption that she hired a top notch law firm to investigate. Again thank you Wikileaks for disclosing their findings of corruption. It's incomprehensible if this Crooked Women uses the federal government as her personal bank to reward herself and her evil minions.

On a less serious note, look at Obama's right hand as his middle index finger is extended saying "F You" to America.

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