Bill Clinton has taken as many as 26 trips abroad the Lolita Express to convicted pedofhile's Jeffrey Epstein's Little Saint James retreat in the Virgin Island's.

The two young girls above have come forward and proclaimed that CNN has failed to cover Crooked Hillary's sordid past as they are more interested in destroying Trump with unvetted allegations of some women. Coincidentally, these revelations came as Wikileaks releasing damaging emails that revealed the truth about the Crooked One and her band of thieves.

If that was damning enough, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC news are more interested in spending over 20 times the amount of time destroying Trump with the recent unsubstantiated allegations versus the Clinton Wikileaks that detail the deception and illegal activities of the Crooked One and her cohorts along with the collusion of the Federal Government to minimize what Clinton did with her emails and Clinton Foundation fraud.

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