Now with the recent disclosure by Project Veritas on the activities of Democracy Partners and Americans United for Change, it's doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that President Obama was apart of the effort to destroy the Trump campaign and assist in illegal voter registration. Robert Creamer. Co-Founder of Democracy Partners who is also a convicted felon, has visited the White House over 345 times meeting with the President on 45 occasions. Mr. Creamer's organization along with Americans United for Change receives funding from the DNC and the Clinton campaign assisting in illegal voter registration and pays individuals solely to cause fights at Trump rallies. Watch both these videos as it's disturbing how corrupt the President and all those who follow a Socialist doctrine of Community Organizing are. As a note Mr. Creamer has stepped down along with those exposed.

For those of you too young to know, President Nixon left office due to the cover up over the Watergate break in. The break in was to Daniel Ellsberg's Psychiatrist's office to obtain information that could be used against the Democratic Party. Nixon's crime was met with justice. Obama continues his assault on our Constitutional liberties doing whatever he feels, regardless of legality, as he knows what's best for all. CRIMINAL to say the least!

Where's the FBI?????????

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