Congratulations to us all!. The Crooked One will never be our President! Thank you to those thousands who watched my Youtube video.

Don't forget us for your Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments. .

Follow the Adventures of Crooked Hillary to her trial. It was prior to the election, now we need her to pay for her crimes against the United States and especial those people in Haiti who suffered more grief after the earthquake due to the Clinton's Corruption.

For those who live a life of being PC, your on the wrong site. I hope to offend all those who think "words mean more than action". GET A LIFE!

Proudly I'm in the Basket of Deplorables Crooked Hillary refers to. I'm a capitalist Selling Christopher Radko Christmas Ornaments. A Jew selling Xmas ornaments....that's funny. I recently penned my first book, Living Outside The Boxe. Finally, I say whatever comes to my mind. With Asperger's Syndrome I will offend anyone regardless of race, creed or color. However, mostly I offend myself.

Be sure to click on the links (in blue) as you will laugh as the Country goes down the proverbial toilet. Please pass this link forward as the unknowing need to know. This is it.....the Re-Independence Day 2016 (1776 all over again) where we take our Country back or forever go down the path of Socialism.

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