After awaking the next morning from incredible sex with her partner, the Crooked One is about to start on her day of corruption. Opps!!! Sorry Moe, the King of All Dogs, I don't want anyone to think that you Would Have Sexual Relations With That Women!.

Also, all is fair in love and war. Here's a news story that the MSM won't cover showing Bill's alleged current love interest, The Energizer.

The truth is that CH's girlfriend had to go to work early. As far as women in general, Crooked Hillary has enabled her husband sexual abuse of women since her Arkansas days in the 1970's. Her blind ambition for power and money has made her women's worst enemy. In addition to the Bimbo Eruptions when she oversaw attacks on the women in President Clinton's sexual pursuits, the Clinton Foundation has taken millions in contributions from the list of Human Rights Abusers (women, gays, catholics, jews). From Saudi Arabia alone they have taken $25 million, while the Kennedy Foundation refuses to take donations from those countries.

Finally, why would any woman who has a husband who is a serial abuser of women stay with that man if she had any self-respect? If she can't respect herself, how could she respect other women?

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