The list of crimes committed by the notorious gangster Al Capone pale in comparison to those committed by The Crooked One. Capone was only convicted of one evasion. Hillary's crimes against this country are comparable to those committed by the Rosenberg's who were hung for treason in June 19th 1953 for passing atomic secrets to the Russians. We all know by now about the trail of bodies that follow the Clinton's since their Arkansas days, her demeaning of Slick Willy's accusers and her Pay for Play as Secretary of State, however, there was one crime that puts her along side the Rosenberg's.

As Secretary of State Crooked Hillary permitted a Clinton Foundation donor to purchase 20% of the Uranium (Uranium One) in this country that is now controlled by Putin. The donor then contributed $2.35 million to the Foundation and Billy Boy gave a speech for another $500,000 in Russia. DISGUSTING!

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